Summer Camp

summer camp counselor and student at Aspire

Each summer, Aspire offers a six-week, full-day intensive summer camp to bolster your student’s reading and prevent summer learning loss. Summer camp themes are set in January of each year and reinforce academic content, including concepts from the Virginia Standards of Learning. Every summer, students use their unique voice, culture, and experience to build academic and critical thinking skills that will stay with them long after the summer ends. Students also have lots of opportunities to make friends, try new things, and have fun!

Our life-changing summer learning camp includes hands-on learning projects, a daily hot meal, educational field trips, and a fun and caring environment that offers your child opportunities to make friends and memories that last a lifetime.

For 2024, Aspire’s summer camp begins on June 24th and ends on August 2nd.

In the summer of 2024, the theme is Avatar: The Last Airbender. Students are learning about the environment and environmental stewardship, and participating in hands-on learning activities including practicing math and engineering skills by making their own kites, learning about the habitats of polar bears and sea turtles, researching and reading about the mythology of fire in different cultures, taking a field trip to the Botanic Gardens, and more!

If you’re interested in sending your child to our summer camp, enrollment typically opens in late spring and there is no cost to send your child to our program. We accept students entering 3rd through 8th grade. We are not able to accept students enrolled in grades below third at this time.

Summer Camp Zoo Trip

A Typical Camp Day

Although schedules at every site look different, all Aspire programs will have the same components every day.

8:45 AM

Student Drop-Off

Students may be dropped off between 8:45 and 9:15.

9:00 AM

Icebreakers & Announcements

Students are given time to participate in an icebreaker and hear announcements.

10:00 AM

Academic Activity

Students participate in an academically-focused activity.

11:00 AM

Activity 1

Students participate in the first scheduled themed activity for the day.

11:30 AM

Activity 2

Students participate in the first scheduled themed activity for the day.

12:00 PM


Students are provided with lunch.

12:30 PM

Brain Break

Students participate in a quick structured break to prepare them for the remainder of the day.

1:00 PM


Students participate in individual or group reading each day.

1:30 PM

Activity 3

Students participate in the third scheduled themed activity for the day.

2:00 PM

Project Time

Students take time to work on a small daily or weeklong project.

3:00 PM

Free Choice/Recess

Students are given time for supervised free choice activities and recess.

4:00 PM

Snack & Dismissal

Students receive a snack as parents arrive to pick them up for the day.

4:30 PM


Latest time parents may arrive to pick up students before our program closes for the day.

Summer Schedule

Aspire’s six-week summer program usually begins in late June (one week after the end of the school year for Arlington Public Schools) and concludes in early August.

For 2024, Aspire’s summer camp will begin on June 24th and end on August 2nd. It runs from 8:45am - 4:30pm, Monday - Friday.

Summer Camp at Aspire

How do I enroll my child?

Afterschool: Enrollment for our afterschool program is currently open, and typically opens in early spring.

Summer: Enrollment for our summer program typically opens in early spring.