Afterschool and summer programs for at risk children and youth

Building on the legacy of Greenbrier Learning Center, out-of-school time programs for students at-risk of falling into the achievement gap.

Thank you to all the people, organizations, and foundations that are making 2018 a wonderful and successful year for our students!
Thank you to all of our supporters!
Charles Delmar Foundation*
Inavale Foundation**
Scheidel Foundation*
Washington Forrest Foundation**
Philip Graham Fund*

The Meyer Foundation
Hattie M. Strong Foundation

​Herb Block
Event Supporters


Honor Roll

Trixie Films
Army Navy Country Club
John Andelin and Ginger Geoffrey
HDR, Inc.
Ferro + Ferro Graphic Communication
Mack Sumner Communcations
John and Chris Sutton ​​

Jim Whittaker
Steve and Jody Steiner Kelly
Susan and John Etherton
​MK Fundraising Solutions


Star Readers

Debbie Kaplan and Jeff Hoffman
Collaborative Communications
Artisan 2, Inc.​

Robert and Katherine Panfil
Erika Dogan
Kent and Rita Wiggins
Pamela Holcomb and Winston Cashdollar
​Honorable Ingrid Morroy

Susan Anderson*
Mark and Jeannette Anderson
Jim and Susan Arnold
Suzi & John Austin
Cynthia B
Bill and Jane Baer
Laurie Baker*
Jack & Nancy Belcher

Glynis Bell*
Anne Biedscheid
Donald and Cindy Binner

Sharon & George Blaha*
David Briggs
Mark Buchholz*
Allison Burkman
Rob and Marta Cahill

Kevin & Marianne Carlson*
Yvonne Carmichael
Dominique Carmichael Braggs
Emily Cassell
Philip & Maureen Caughran
Oko Choi
Jennifer Close
Christina Cole
Richard and Sheridan Collins
Ann Connell
Pamela Cordova
Justin & Michele Corvino

Katie Cristol*
Karen Darner
Charles and Jean Davidow
Robert & Mary-Ellen Deily
Robert & Laurie Denson
Christian Dorsey

Terri Ferinde Dunham*
Debbie Hill & Henry Dunbar*
Todd and Paula Endo
Jack and Ellen Esformes
Martha Estell
Rob and Paula Evans
Moley and Nicholas Evans*
Michael and Ellen Ferguson*
Lawrence Franchetti
Stephen Fuller*

Renee Gentry
Roy Goins
Shelley Goode
Lisa Howard-Grabman
Paul and Jennifer Green*
Lisa Green

John Andelin and Ginger Geoffrey*
Michael Hammer
Heidi Soule
Linda Henderson
Marcela Hernandez
Frank Hodas
Pamela Holcomb
Katherine Jefferson
Carol & Tom Jeffords
Jean and George Johnson
Jody and Steven Kelly
Susan Kelly*
Susan E. Kennedy
Andrew Kim*
Jason King
Gary and Vickie Kirkbride

Christopher & Katrina Koomey
Jilian Krueger
Tiffany Kudravetz
Jilian Kuntz
Laura Lazaro

Renee Madigan
Bill Maher
Julie Mangis
Stephen Manlove*
Ernest Mannino
Gail Markulin*
Susan McNally
Gail and Bob Meighan*
Courtney and Mike Mesmer
Jane Metcalfe
Morgan Middleton
Carmen K. Miller
Eleanor Miller
Scott Miller
Keith Miller & Kay Tabbarah
Lourdes Morales
Gay Mount

Sara Mulrooney
Rudy Munoz
Carolyn Obrien

Gretchen & Kirk Odegard*
John O'Rourke
Kathie & Bob Panfil
Craig Pascal
Robert and Melinda Patrician
Nicholas & Mary Ann Penning*
Robert Pope
Lisa Pope and Justin Cohen
Deborah B. Reeve
Laura & Barry Reichenbaugh*
Richard Reinsch
Rick Reinsch
Norman and Clare Richie
Judith Rogers
Gerald Fisette and Robert Rosen
Ann Rosser
Jane Rudolph
Ronald Sagerson
Sarah Sanders
Ema Scheidel
Rebecca Schmitt
Virginia & Alan Schneider
Chloe Sedlak
Sandy Shaposky
Gail & Eric Siddle* 
Timothy and Shally Stanley*
Suzanne & Douglas Stanton*
Julia Stefanelli
Brian Steffan
John and Chris Sutton*
Omar Tazi-Mokha
Robert Tiernan and Loretta Staudt
Meg Tuccillo

United Way-NCA
Marie Van Ness*
Mary and John Vihstadt
Drake Wauters*
James Whittaker
Kent and Rita Wiggins*
Pamela Willis
Elizabeth and Steve Yaffe  

*Capital campaign and general operations